World Narrative

In the early decades of the twenty-first century, the problems of over-population, antibiotic resistant epidemics, civil war, cyber terrorism, nuclear proliferation, and climate change have set Earth on a path of escalating disasters.

In the year 2025 AD, ten men and women come together to address these problems. These individuals each have enormous personal wealth that they made in a variety of commercial enterprises around the globe. What they have in common besides their great wealth is a deep pessimism about the future of Earth and an enormous optimism about space exploration as the only viable solution for the continuation of human kind. To that end, these men and women, who call themselves the Founders, begin the Paradisi Project.

The purpose of the Paradisi Project is the colonization of New Eden, a recently discovered planet in the Andromeda Galaxy that scientists deem capable of sustaining human life. Fearing interference from various factions on Earth, the Founders hide their ultimate goals from the public by the fiction that their activities are only to set up viable commercial colonies on the Moon and Mars. The real goals of the project are passed down from the head of each family to their successors and close advisers who act in concert as the Council of Ten.

The Paradisi Project harnesses the best minds on Earth to develop the scientific breakthroughs in intersteller travel and wormhole technology needed to transport the ten Founding Families and the necessary personnel and resources to establish a viable colony on New Eden. Once there, their mission will be to ensure that this new colony doesn’t make the same mistakes that are destroying Earth.

By 2092 AD, the Paradisi Project has achieved its goals. With Earth continuing on its path to destruction, a fleet of ten ships are launched, each carrying 10,000 passengers––Founding Family members, their loyal employees, and the staff necessary to build a new civilization once their journey ends. They leave the SSChallenge, the 11th ship and the prototype for the rest of the Nautilus Fleet, behind to be retrofitted for the long journey.

When the Nautilus Fleet arrives at New Eden in 1AA (After Arrival), they begin the massive undertaking of exploration and settlement, including making contact (and coming to terms) with the Ddaerans, the original inhabitants of New Eden, who will turn out to have unusual psychic powers that will intrigue and frighten the Founders and their descendants.

When the SS Challenge doesn’t arrive, the Council of Ten decide that it would be better for the Founders and their descendants to forget the ship ever existed. As a result, when the ship mysteriously shows up in 150 AA, there is a massive government cover-up designed to keep their arrival from the general public, forcing the Reachers, as these new arrivals are called, to go underground.

By 200 AA, New Eden is not quite the paradise the original Founders had envisioned. Economic and social divisions among the descendants of the Founders, anger by the surviving Reachers, unrest on the mining planet of Tenebra, and simmering acrimony by Ddaerans over their ill treatment all contribute to an organized resistance movement against the Founding Families and their control of New Eden.

The Paradisi Project and the information under the World Narrative are works of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either the product of our authors’ imaginations or used fictitiously.