Ten Founding Families

While all the people who traveled from Earth to New Eden as part of the Paradisi Project were called Founders and those who were born in this new world are called the Descendants, the families of the ten men and women who initiated the Paradisi Project are known as the Founding Families and will dominate New Eden, socially, politically, and economically.  Each family rules one of the ten countries of New Eden, each family has a representative on the world government, the Council of Ten, and each family dominates a specific sector of New Eden society.

Military Founding Family:

  • Surname: Thorndike
  • Ship name: SS Flying Cloud  
  • Control this country: Tassoni
  • Responsible for inter-steller navigation, maintaining order, (police arm of central government), maintaining space travel within the Paradisi solar system and governing the mining planets.

Health Sciences Founding Family:

  • Surname: Gunther
  • Ship name: SS Lightning
  • Control this country: Caprinet
  • Responsible for developing the cryostasis technology, testing the New Eden environment, and doing the research and development of new methods to wipe out disease, mental illness, etc. in order to prolong life.

Agricultural Founding Family:

  • Surname: Kuttner
  • Ship name: SS Great Republic
  • Control this country: Canistro
  • Responsible for providing necessary food supplies for the trip and the first years of during exploration and settlement (hydroponics, recycling, etc); doing the genetic modification to make native flora/fauna acceptable to humans, developing a sustainable, environmentally safe source of food and raw materials for industry.

Environmental Founding Family:

  • Surname: Yu
  • Ship name: SS Nightingale
  • Control this country: Caelestis
  • Responsible for developing plans to make inter-steller travel energy efficient, constructing a green sustainable world after arrival, and preserving the New Eden environment (native flora, fauna) through the development of environmental laws.

Communications/Security Founding Family:

  • Surname: Abramov
  • Ship name: SS Northern Light
  • Control this country: Rasia
  • Responsible for developing the communications system within the interstellar fleet of ships, and setting up and maintaining the communications system on New Eden and with the mining planet on Tenebra. Also works with the military to monitor communications on behalf of the World Government to maintain security.

Education Founding Family:

  • Surname: Chandler
  • Ship name: SS Syren
  • Control this country: Anthemia
  • Responsible for training all the personnel they are going to need for the project in building the space stations, elevators, interstellar ships, then providing an on-going system of education for the world that will keep the high level of scientific and medical expertise, preservation of culture (arts, literature, music) and 100 percent employment.

Industrial Founding Family:

  • Surname: Ganesh
  • Ship name: SS Serica
  • Control this country: Deropa
  • Responsible for both heavy and light industry (including the mining on the moon and later on Tenebra) needed throughout the Paradisi project (manufacturing of space elevators, stations, and ships), and on New Eden responsible for establishing green industry, with a heavy use of 3-D printing, etc.

Transportation Founding Family:

  • Surname:  Nakata
  • Ship name: SS Surprise
  • Control this country: Levana
  • Responsible for working with the military and industrial families to build the ships, and once on New Eden they will be in charge of developing different forms of transportation that are based on renewable energy, etc, including long distance, short haul, and private and public forms of transportation.

Commerce Founding Family:

  • Surname: Huntley
  • Ship name: SS Young America
  • Control this country: Cosiral
  • Responsible for working with agriculture and industry in the buying and allocating the materials needed for Paradisi project, then developing a world wide on-line commercial system for buying and selling goods.

Finance Founding Family:

  • Surname: Quinn
  • Ship name: SS Queen of Nations
  • Control this country: Vida
  • Responsible for raising and managing the financial resources needed to fund the Paradisi project, and then setting up a financial (banking, investments) system for the New Eden.

The Paradisi Project and the information under the New World are works of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either the product of our authors’ imaginations or used fictitiously.