Space Stations and Spacecraft

Space Stations

Nautilus–11 Station:

The primary Space Station built to orbit above Earth by the Paradisi Project in order to construct the space ships that would to carry out the mission to colonize the planet New Eden. This station is shaped like a Fibonacci spiral. The spiral itself was originally a rotating wheel for artificial gravity, but since the invention of the Anti-Gravity Generator (AGG), the spiral is no longer rotating on Nautilus-11. Each of the eleven Asteria class spaceships are docked around the outside spiral and attached via a docking module.

Sideris Station:

This manned station orbiting above Jupiter was secretly built by the Paradisi Project to do the research and development, construction, and maintenance of the Sideris Gate, the structure that creates the wormhole (Sideris Cavum) to the Paradisi System in the Andromeda Galaxy. Named for Jerome Sideris, the commander of the first manned trip through the wormhole.

Space Craft

Asteria Class Space ships

These are the eleven long distance space ships of the Nautilus Fleet that were created by the Paradisi Project to transport the Founding Families and selected others to New Eden. These ships use an EmDrive propulsion system, a Gravitational Flux Chamber system for transitioning into artificial gravity, Anti-Gravity Generators, Solar panels with a supplemental nanite field, and cryostasis technology. Each of the Founding Families built and owned one of the main ten Asteria class ships that left for New Eden in 2092. The eleventh ship, the SS Challenge, was the prototype for the Asteria Class ships and was completed in 2055 AD and then retrofitted in 2092-94 for the journey through the wormhole.

Vanguard shuttles

These scouting shuttles are on the Asteria class space ships and will also be used to transport the Founders down to New Eden on arrival.

Short Distance Transport

There are 3 types of short distance transports between the Earth and Lunar Elevators and the Nautilus-11 Space Station. The Nautilus-11Bus (for passengers and small to mid-size cargo), the Trafero class transport (for Reacher Corp workers and station and Nautilus crew members, and the Transfero class transport(for the transportation of heavy equipment and materials between the asteroid belt, the Lunar and Earth Elevators, and the Nautilus-11).

The Paradisi Project and the information under the New World are works of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either the product of our authors’ imaginations or used fictitiously.