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SJ Mayeski 08-26-16 smAfter learning that the inspiration for The Paradisi Chronicles was a post by Hugh Howey urging authors to innovate, to go wild and crazy within the bounds of an open-source new universe, and after then reading each of the novels released together, I knew I wanted to be a part of this Paradisi Grand Scheme. (Maybe it was the “wild and crazy” thing that sealed the deal. I clearly identified.)

And so I began shaping stories about a certain group of Ddaerans, a tribe who separated early on from the main group. They maintained certain cultural memories, skills and technology over the centuries, due perhaps to their isolation in the cold, northern continent of Alba, one of the few areas unclaimed much later by any of the Ten Founding Families. “Unbreakable” is one of those stories, and the first to see the light of publication.

Speculative fiction grabbed me at an early age – “Between Planets” by Robert Heinlein in the third or fourth grade was my first, and I quickly read through each of Heinlein’s YA books, then the rest of his titles, thanks to the San Diego public library system. Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Mars and Doc Smith’s Lensman series were my other childhood reading addictions. Star Trek TOS then stole my attention with its weekly new adventures and (important to me) hidden social commentary. I continued reading “the classics” – Asimov, Bradbury, Clarke and friends. I have bookcases (and storage boxes) full of books and SF magazines. There is a Kindle with way too many stories, mostly the visions of our indie authors…you know who you are J

An accidental career in the highly social (read: we partied a lot) restaurant business in San Francisco and then a more determined second career as a computer programmer and web developer, first in the early “Wild West” days of the Internet and then the more constrained (read: boring and harder) 21st century have come and gone. No more of that! Now by writing speculative fiction, my circle stays unbroken. I’ve helped a few other authors get their books formatted and printed too, but the Writing is the Thing.

My thanks go to Louisa Locke and Cheri Lasota for their leadership and helpful guidance of the Paradisi Chronicles, and especially for Louisa for her many course corrections of my story compass (which tends to wander when left on its own.) Thanks also to Ellen Campbell, the renowned editor of this series and many others, and of course to Samuel Peralta, the key to this whole Chronicles universe adventure. And last but best, my thanks to my wife Dolores Tate for her love, encouragement and support. Dolores is an author in her own right, with her memoir coming out right around the same time as this collection. Our bond is also Unbreakable.

New stories in the Paradisi Chronicles shall appear and a novel in a different Kindle World is expected later this year (2016). Feel free to drop in and visit; I’m right around the corner and up the (space) elevator to the left, over at sjmayeski.com.

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Resistance forces and government henchmen are set to clash on cold, beautiful, sparsely settled but resource-laden Alba on the planet New Eden. Can Kinnexa of Ddaera navigate tribal and family complications, a secret relationship, and untested allies to keep this simmering conflict from exploding into open, bloody warfare?

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CHRONICLE WORLDS: PARADISI is an anthology published by  Samuel Peralta, creator of the bestselling FUTURE CHRONICLES speculative fiction anthology series.