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RoslynMcFarland-793x1024Roslyn McFarland is the author of “See No Sea” (currently available in both e-book and paperback formats) as well as the short story “Soldier Boy” (originally released in the Fall of 2014 in the NIWA Anthology), both Young Adult and Paranormal Romances. In 2006 she was struck down by health problems, which progressed into full immobility over the course of six and a half years, undiagnosed. Going out of her mind via the enormous worry-frustration-pain-boredom combo she shouldered, Roslyn’s solution and salvation came in the form of writing, as she expelled a childhood recurring dream onto paper. The completion of her first novel coincided with a diagnosis of Lyme Disease. Treatment and a cure quickly following cleared the way for editing and preparation for publication. God works in mysterious ways. Roslyn currently lives in Oregon with her husband, two extraordinarily active and strong willed little girls (karma) and a house full of fur kids (cats and dogs, and one giant goldfish which has survived against the odds). She’s nearly complete with book two and is already outlining book three of the No Sea Trilogy, both of which she hopes to release within the next year, in addition to Paradisi Chronicles projects (a sci-fi series created by a team of authors working together) and additional shorts for her Para-Rom Shorts Collection. Already amassing a lengthy list of future series ideas, Roslyn hopes to be able to continue turning dreams into reality for many years to come.

 New-Light-the-Way-Ebook-Cover_071015-640x1024Light the Way

Series: Love’s Light

by Roslyn McFarland

Earth is doomed.

Everybody knows it’s only a matter of time.

And losing her last remaining family member may be seventeen-year-old Neyve Colgan’s ticket to life.

Ten ships have already left, filled with passengers prepared to settle in another system, on another planet, including the love of Neyve’s life. With the tears of loss on her cheeks and a new spark of hope in her heart, Neyve submits to the cold embrace of the cryo chamber.

However, fate is not yet finished with her.  On a journey through space and time, enter the world of the Paradisi Chronicles.

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