Janua Mutiny

Janua Mutiny, Book 3

By Cheri Lasota

Genre: Near-Future Scifi, Apocalyptic Earth, Colonization, First Contact

JM_Ebook Cover_600x900_72dpiA new galaxy.
A new set of challenges for Solomon Reach. 

Solomon Reach and his crew may have survived the gatejump to Andromeda galaxy, but a whole new set of catastrophes await on the other side.

A wormhole collision mid-jump has left the SS Challenge disabled outside of Janua Station, presumably built by the other humans who arrived two years earlier. Except this station looks like it was built a century ago. A mission to explore the seemingly deserted station leads to disaster as the vulnerable SS Challenge succumbs to a well-planned mutiny.

If Solomon doesn’t make it back to the ship in time to save the hostaged crew from his old nemesis Mads Graversen, he will die aboard Janua Station hundreds of thousands of miles from the planet he’s waited a lifetime to reach: New Eden.

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