Joseph Robert Lewis

LewisJoe enjoys creating worlds in which history, mythology, and fantasy collide in unpredictable ways. He also likes writing about heroines that his daughters can respect and admire, women with courage, wit, and fierce intelligence. When he’s not telling his own stories, he’s working with scientists, doctors, teachers, and soldiers to write about amazing technologies and amazing people in the real world.

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Works in the Paradisi Chronicles

“Truth is Stranger”
in Chronicle Worlds: Paradisi


When a mysterious stranger arrives at a lonely outpost on a dark and stormy night, she discovers a feud brewing between the local shepherds and the invading engineers. But rather than let a tide of cliches drag them all down into a bloody battle where one side must win and the other must lose, the traveler offers them a third choice, a stranger choice.

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CHRONICLE WORLDS: PARADISI is an anthology published by  Samuel Peralta, creator of the bestselling FUTURE CHRONICLES speculative fiction anthology series.