Felix Savage

My FeetFelix lives in Tokyo. He writes science fiction and fantasy while not translating, delighting in his family, or catering to the whims of the family’s cat.  He never stops watching out for any sign the lizard people have found him.
Felix’s other works include the Sol System Renegades series, an epic space opera adventure in seven volumes, and the Interstellar Railroad series, a near future comedic science fiction series.

Works in Paradisi Chronicles

“Down and Out in Caprinet”
in Chronicle Worlds: Paradisi


When hotshot helio pilot Gustav Gunther, scion of the ruling family of Caprinet, crashes in the jungle, he thinks his life is over. It should have been, if not for a mysterious Resistance fighter named Saul. Gustav’s arduous survival trek through the wildest part of New Eden leads him to a stunning revelation about the hidden culture of the Ddaerans … and into even greater danger.

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CHRONICLE WORLDS: PARADISI is an anthology published by  Samuel Peralta, creator of the bestselling FUTURE CHRONICLES speculative fiction anthology series.