Bill Patterson

12-29-05Bill Patterson is the author of a computer-aided design software book, and a former magazine columnist.  His fiction has been published 90 Minutes to Live (JournalStone, 2011), and his nonfiction in Rocket Science (Mutation Press, 2012), where his piece “A Ray of Sunshine” was nominated for the British Science Fiction Association’s Award for Non-Fiction.

He is also one of two Municipal Liaisons for the Central NJ Region of the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) challenge.  Bill also serves as an Event Host for the Princeton Writing Group.

He and his wife of 33 years, Barbara, live in Central New Jersey.


Works in the Paradisi Chronicles

“Nuking the Noomies”
in Chronicle Worlds: Paradisi


It seemed like a good idea: send replicating minerbots to frozen Petra, return years later, and load up the riches. When a minerbot attacks the SS Jim Pruett, the fate of the Paradisi Project rests on Suman Atwal, minerbot programmer. Too bad his brain is still frostbitten by cryostasis.

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CHRONICLE WORLDS: PARADISI is an anthology published by  Samuel Peralta, creator of the bestselling FUTURE CHRONICLES speculative fiction anthology series.



God’s Sandbox: A Paradisi Short

51lhpztvgclTen Founding Families exploit the intersection between digital copies of human brains and virtual reality, ‘running’ brains to more efficiently manage their global empires. All seems well, but some of the living humans are having some horrible dreams.

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