Yu Family Genealogy

Yu Founding Family (Unless noted otherwise everyone is a Yu!)

Winston was one of the ten individuals who founded the Paradisi Project. He made his wealth in providing alternative sources of energy to fossil fuels. In 2092, when the ten ships left Earth to settle New Eden, the Yu Family was represented by his four grandsons: Lewis, Harold, Chester, and Mark, and their families, the first generation to settle on New Eden.

First Generation to settle on New Eden:

Lewis, the oldest son, would head the Yu Founding Family, represent the Yus and their nation, Caelestis, on the Council of Ten, as would his descendants. He ruled the eastern province between 1 AA and 40 AA and founded the city of New Hong Kong at the mouth of the Melyn River. Here are his descendants who ruled after him.

  • Lewis II, ruled 40-65 AA (After Arrival)
  • Eleanor I, ruled 65-105 AA
  • Winston II, ruled 105-133 AA
  • Winston III, ruled 133-170

Harold, second oldest brother, ruled the northern province and founded the city of New Beijing on the coast of the Azurean Sea.

Chester, third oldest brother, ruled the southwestern province including the Majesta Peninsula.

Mark, the youngest brother (b. 2048 AD, d. 20 AA) ruled the western province of Caelestis where Between the Mountain and Sea is primarily set. The family home is Mynyddamore at the western base of Mynyddeira. Mei Lin’s great, great, great-grandfather.

  • His wife, Muriel Wong b. 2050 AD, d. 23 AA, married Mark 2076 AD.
  • They had one daughter, Mabel Yu.

Mabel (b. 2077 AD, d. 100 AA) inherited Mynyddamore at her father’s death and lived until the age of 117. Was Mei Lin’s great, great-grandmother.

  • Her husband, Walter (b. 2074 AD, d. 40 AA), married Mabel 3 AA.
  • They had six sons: Mark, Henry, Walter, James, David, and Michael.

Second Generation (first born on New Eden):

Mark , Henry, Walter, James, David were Mabel’s older sons.

Michael (b. 25 AD, d. 85 AA) was Mabel Yu’s youngest son and Mei Lin’s great-grandfather.

  • His wife, Betsy Kuttner ( b. 50 AA, d.?) married Michael 70 AA. Inherited Mynyddamore from Mabel Yu (her mother-in-law). Known in old age as Hen Nain was Mei Lin Yu’s great-grandmother.
  • Michael and Betsy had three sons: Henry, David, James (Jie).

Third Generation:

Henry (b. 71 AA, d. 133 AA) had 2 sons, Andrew and Joseph.

David (b. 73 AA, d. 135 AA) was never married.

Jie (b. 75 AA d. ?) was Michael and Betsy’s youngest son and Mei Lin’s grandfather.

  • His wife, Eleanor (b. 73 AA, d. ?) married Jie 95 AA. She is the step-sister of Winston III, the current head of the Yu Family.
  • Jie and Eleanor have one son, John

Fourth Generation:

John (b. 100 AA, d. ?) is Jie and Eleanor’s only child and Mei Lin’s father.

  • His wife, Joanna (b. 102 AA, d. ?) married John 135 AA. She is a distant cousin
  • John and Joanna have two children; Albert and Mei Lin

Fifth Generation:

Albert (b. 138 AA, d ?)

Mei Lin (b. 149 AA, d. ?)