Trafero Transport Shuttles

Trafero Shuttles


The Trafero class transporters all had the look of a wolf’s head to Solomon. Each Trafero was slate gray in color, though the underbelly gleamed nearly white. Two pinnacles rose up like wolf’s ears, and the viewing module atop the flight deck resembled the wolf’s eyes.

–from Paradisi Escape by Cheri Lasota


The passenger class transporters could haul 300 people and crew transports were able to comfortably take 500.

–from Paradisi Escape by Cheri Lasota


Given their limited nuclear propulsion capabilities, the Founders only used the Traferos for travel to LEO, MEO, and GEO Earth orbits as well as the 24-hour haul to the Nautilus-11 Space Station at Earth-Moon Lagrange Point 1 or to the lunar elevator even further away. Occasionally, they were used to transport equipment and materials to asteroids orbiting the moon.

–from Paradisi Escape by Cheri Lasota